About us

Welcome to Legends pies. The home of top quality, homemade, meat and vegetarian pies.

Legends offers Frozen delivery anywhere in Switzerland and any orders over 140.- will receive Free delivery. Any delveries to Flims, Laax and Falera will be free of charge.

Please contact us for further information. Legends Team

Coming from simple beginnings, here at Legends we have not forgotten our New Zealand roots. We believe that good food dosen’t have to cost a lot. For Breakfast, Lunch or Diner, simply heat and eat because ‘Every time is pie time!’

Home made in Laax

From bottom to top Legends pies are Home made. Pastries and Fillings are all produced in house, from scratch.

Swiss Products

We use Swiss Beef, Chicken, Free range Eggs and Flour. Even our Vegetables and Beer are locally sourced.

Palm & MSG free

No palm products or MSG in the making of Legends pies.

Frozen Delivery Anywhere in Switzerland

We can send Legends Pies frozen to your door anywhere in Switzerland.


How to eat a pie


Customise your Pies

If you have a Bar or Cafe or have an up coming event and want something different then Legends custom pies are for you.

Share your favourite recipe with us, or we could make you something special.
Let us know and together we can create your very own Legends pie.

Minimum orders and special prices apply.

Where to get them

Come and get your pie right from the source.
You can buy Legends pies direct from us in the Legends kitchen, Via Principala 18, 7031 Laax.
As a small company we are not always in the shop. If you're are planning on visiting us give us a quick call to check we are in.
Normal Hours, Monday-Friday, 08:30-17:00. Phone 081 921 77 97

Also get them here:


Get your Pies

Private sales

If you are looking at having a delicious snack after a night out or a quick lunch then stock up your fridge or freezer with some Legends Pies.
Place your order on the Shop and we can deliver pies frozen direct to your door anywhere in Switzerland.
Pick up your Pies direct from Legends Kitchen in Laax or from one of our other sale spots in Switzerland.

Pubs, Bars und Cafés

If you have a pub, bar or cafe and want an easy food and are looking for something new, hot and delicious and that needs minimal preparation, then Legends pies are for you. We are also a trusted supplier from "Pantheon Catering Equipment" and can supply you with the best warmer for your place, to make it even easier for you to give your customers the best product.

Catering, Events and Functions

From small Birthdays to Large concerts, Legends pies are a great solution. Quickly prepared, hot and delicious. No plates, knifes and forks are necessary and very low waste, just a brown paper bag. We can supply all that you need for your Pie experience.