What’s a pie?

Most people know about pies from America, as fruit or sweet pies, but a long time before that people where eating pies in some form or another.
As far back as the Egyptians people were using pastry to store and carry foods, also the ancient Greeks and Romans had recipes involving pastry wrapped meats.
Pies as we know them were first mentioned in England in the 14th century and its said that even King Henry VI was keen on a song bird pie filled with Peacock.
Over the years pies have adapted to our lifestyle and most typically have become a hand sized pie containing beef, gravy, chicken, cheese and/or vegetables.
If you have ever been to New Zealand you may know they regard pies as a part of the NZ cuisine and it forms part of the national identity. The National pie awards bring as many as 250 varieties and they eat an average of 15 per person per year.
Now Legends is bring pies to Switzerland. To be eaten as snack, breakfast or a quick meal. With Swiss meats, Swiss cheeses and fresh products supplied from local company’s.

‘’Now you can be part of the Legend’’