About Us

Being from New Zealand, Dale has been an avid pie eater for most of his life and he found there was always something missing for the last 10 years living in Switzerland.
After many years of making pies for his friends over here, there was always the same response, “man, you should sell these things”… and that’s how Legends happened.

We all know England invented the pie as we know it today, but New Zealand has turned them into an everyday, when you need it food. Any one that has been to NZ knows that you can get them any where, any time.
That’s what Legends is going to be doing. Delicious, hot and ready to eat. Not just another Kebab with recycled meat, or a frozen cheese toasted sandwich that you have to wait 10 minutes for.

Swiss Meats and fresh products. An awesome tasting NZ style Legends pie.